Discussion, observations and notes about Swimming and Diving in and around Macomb County


Why do we need a Macomb County Swimming and Diving Blog?

With five divisions and 28 teams (in the MAC), it not possible for one person to keep up with the accomplishments of the athletes and the teams in Macomb County.

This brings up an additional point. I would like this blog to cover the teams that compete in Macomb County. Almost all of the Macomb County based swimming and diving teams compete in the MAC. Therefore, we will be covering some Oakland, Wayne and St Clair County teams as well. We also have De La Salle located in Macomb County, so we need to make sure they are included as well.

I am not trying strictly portray Macomb County Swimming and Diving from only my perspective. To that end, I am looking for contributors from all five Divisions and also from DLS. Even better would be a correspondent from each team that would post a recap of the previous weeks meets, outstanding practices or events.

I will also try to include links to sites that cover Macomb County and MAC sports and Athletes.

Enough for now - I have to go prepare milk and cookies for Santa (yes my boys believe in Santa) - note the first post on this Blog was Dec 24th 2007


please note: this blog has been up for over a year now, and I have never had to moderate or delete comments, until now. I will be happy to return to an uncensored forum, when some of the children that have posted recently, learn some manners.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

2008 Girls D1 Divers


    0    Brooke Bandyk    Hartland High School

    0    Lexee Barrera    Hartland High School

    0    CiCi Collica    East Kentwood

    0    Cristee Cordes    Grandville-Kenowa

    0    Cheyenne Cousineau    Bedford

    0    Maeve Daly    Ann Arbor Pioneer High School

    0    Ashley Felcyn    Chippewa Valley High School

    0    Taylor Ford    Saline

    0    Claire Forhan    West Bloomfield High School

    0    Amanda Gachewicz    Utica Eisenhower

    0    Lindsay Gauche    Saline

    0    Kristin Gentzler    Zeeland

    0    Mackenzie Gerhart    Ann Arbor Pioneer High School

    0    Tricia Grant    West Bloomfield High School

    0    Ashley Hardy    Utica Stevenson

    0    Marie Hepfer    Grandville-Kenowa

    0    MaryRose Hillstrom    Holt High School

    0    Sarah Kamstra    Zeeland

    0    Rachel Keselring    West Bloomfield

    0    Katie Koetting    Salem High School

    0    Melanie LaBeau    Chippewa Valley High School

    0    Carla McNamara    Livonia Stevenson

    0    Emily Mitzelfeld    Rochester High School

    0    Caitlin Noonan    Ann Arbor Pioneer High School

    0    Cayman Novak    Romeo High School

    0    Abby Parish    West Bloomfield

    0    Kristy Richart    Saline

    0    Kyleigh Sheldon    TK Hastings

    0    Brianna Smith    Zeeland

    0    Emily Stalmack    Ann Arbor Pioneer High School

    0    Annie Tamblyn    Ann Arbor Huron

    0    Haily VandePoel    West Ottawa High School

    0    Taylor Wiercinski    Grandville-Kenowa

    0    Lena Wileczek    West Ottawa High School

    0    Meghan Woods    Ann Arbor Huron

    0    Neena Zwier    Grandville-Kenowa

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